Shea & Lime Sugar Scrub

I've been thinking of doing my own cosmetics for ages but until Claudia and I did this awesome face mask (it really is amazing, you have to try it!)  it was all a distant plan. This week I finally made a shopping list, ordered everything and got started :)  I decided to start with something simple and low-risk and I was running out of my store-bought scrub, so this seemed like the perfect thing to do. I have to admit I expected it would be easier to find a recipe for this, but even for a simple scrub there are so many options and so many ingredients! When I was first planning this I thought I would start by doing a recipe that sounded good and then tweaking that, but for this scrub I tried something different - I wanted to find the basic recipe that has the fewest ingredients but works as it should, and then build up from that: butters and oils sugar or salt essential oil for fragrance preservative - this doesn't contain water when it's made, but water definitely gets in during use, so I wanted to be safe To figure out the quantities for the oils and sugar I used this recipe (Olive Oil & Dead Sea Salt Scrub - and decided to go for 25% oils and 75% sugar. I added 1% lime essential oil, according to its usage instructions, and then the recommended preservative quantity. For the oil part I used a mix from a recipe on the website [...]

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